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We are a company that develops a network of recruiters and marketers in Poland and abroad. We bring together job seekers from Poland and prospective employers based in France, Netherlands and Germany. We also provide opportunities for workers coming from countries to the east of Poland to find employment in Poland and Netherlands.
To our client employers we offer employee leasing in their chosen location worldwide.

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Company history

IPF began its operations in the personnel consultancy and temporary work sector in 2009, entering the Polish and the French market at the same time. Being well aware of the needs of companies from the production sector, IPF soon acquired clients interested in leasing of both skilled and unskilled workforce. Our high operating standards bore fruit in the form of long-term business relationships and also brought us recognisability among job seekers. From the very beginning of its operations IPF made flexibility in meeting its partners’ needs its topmost priority. Initially we specialised in the food industry, but soon expanded our client portfolio by including companies from the automotive business, precision mechanics, metallurgy and machine production sectors. Responding to the growing needs, IPF widened its area of operation by entering the Ukraine, where it began to contract workers. Very soon we also started co-operation with our first German clients. In 2019, we started operating on the Dutch market. This year we also sent the first temporary workers to the Netherlands.
IPF is committed to IRIS Principles of Ethical Recruitment and is engaged in the IRIS programme. For more information about the International Recruitment Integrity System, visit

2009 Establishment of the IPF company. IPF starts operating on the Polish and French temporary labour market.
2011 IPF employs the first Ukrainians to work for Polish employers.
2012 IPF expands its operations on the French market in the welding, mechanical and food industry.
2013 IPF begins to delegate workers to Germany: the first contracts are signed and temporary workers sent to Germany by IPF.
2014-2016 The company further develops its operations on the Polish, French and German markets.
2016 The IPF GROUP SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA holding is set up as a parent company for all the IPF companies.
2016 Establishment of IPF Jobs SARL temporary work agency in France
2017 Opening of a new temporary work agency, IPF Ukraina, in Lviv.
2019 Starting a business on the Dutch market. First trips of IPF's temporary employees.
2020 Relocation of the IPF Ukraine headquarters from Lviv to Kiev.
IPF Group in Poland

From the very beginning of its operations IPF was active on the Polish market as a supplier of temporary staffing and personnel consultancy services. Our first clients were companies from the Wielkopolska region looking for blue collar workers. Soon IPF widened the client portfolio by including companies from the food industry, metallurgical industry, and wood and furniture industry.

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Begin a career in HR working with us you will gain experience

IPF Group operates on international markets and has an extensive network of recruiters, marketers, regional co-ordinators and project handling specialists. At the moment we employ several dozen people in our administration and HR departments. Every day our staffs members take care of workers who have already found employment, but also recruit and assist new candidates. What is so special about people working for IPF Group? First of all their passion for HR, friendly attitude to others, and also knowledge of foreign languages, so indispensable in the international environment in which we operate. Almost every IPF staff member speaks at least one foreign language: French, English, German or Ukrainian. Being such fluent speakers, they are able to answer the needs of foreign clients and assist Polish employees taking up jobs in France or Germany or foreigners undertaking work in Poland and Netherlands. If you want to join our team, send us your CV and indicate the market that you are interested in. You will certainly hear from us!

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